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Let’s talk about sex...and CBD!

Can CBD have a positive effect on your sex life?

Believe it or not, the answer is YES

I am going to focus this email on how Arcanum products can enhance your sex life, but it’s worth noting that there are some companies out there that make CBD lubricants. The anecdotal evidence for CBD lube includes less pain during sex and increased blood blow and nerve sensation. Now for some science -- A 2019 review in Sexual Medicine Reviews, stated that cannabis (and yes, hemp is a classification of cannabis) can lead to longer, more satisfying orgasms. I bet you didn’t know your Arcanum Coil or Quill could do this?! Here is the how: Less Stress. High levels of cortisol and anxiety have been shown to lower your libido. If you’ve been reading our emails for a while, you know Tyler loves to preach about spending more time in your parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest). A reduction in your cortisol levels and anxiety (CBD helps with both when taken systemically) leads to more time in the PNS, and possibly a better sex drive! Balanced Hormones. Another thing we love to hype is homeostasis. Balance is key to all of your body’s systems functioning optimally. When you take CBD systemically, you are aiding your body in maintaining or reaching a state of homeostasis. Yes, this goes for hormones too! Your sex drive will be at it’s most optimal when you have that state of homeostasis. Please note- we are not saying use CBD in place of any hormone replacement therapy. Think optimization. MEN: It is important to note that marijuana use can have an inverse effect on your sex drive. Studies have been conducted that show it can lower your sex drive and even your sperm count, so be careful! Until next time, Stay Healthy (and frisky), My Friends! Lindsey Mintz CEO

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