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Hemp-Derived CBD Products & Adaptogens

The Quill 100MG

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The Quill™ is one of the most unique daily dose cannabinoid products on the market, and is now produced with nano-encapsulation! Formulated to penetrate the parasympathetic nervous system and work fast, The Quill™ helps ease the strain on your muscles before, during, and after vigorous training. It also works great to calm down your body and mind before a big meeting, after a stressful day of work, or when you just need a break. The #ArcanumArmy raves this product is a must-have for high-endurance activities, offering quick relief and supplementation to keep you moving. One might think that a 2mg serving seems very small, but the absorption rate is similar to taking a 20- 25mg pill. Check out the Dosing Chart.

  • Features nano-encapsulation to make the cannabinoids even more bioavailable. These nano CBD particles can enter into different types of tissues that normal particles may not be able to pass through.
  • Transdermal delivery provides relief in as little as five minutes
  • Apply to a venous area for best efficacy (inside of the wrists, ankle, back of the knee) 2-4 times per day
  • 100mg CBD; 50 (2mg) doses
  • Ingredients
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