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Dosing Cannabinoids

If one milligram is healthy - a hundred’s gotta be great…right? Not so much..

Let’s talk about biphasic dosing. The most famous examples of biphasic dosing is alcohol, and we've all seen this in action. Phase one of alcohol is stimulation and mood enhancer. After a level of consumption has been reached, phase two kicks in. Alcohol in phase two is a sedative and depressant. There is a broad spectrum of severity in these two phases, as most of us have either experienced or witnessed. What does this have to do with CBD?... A lot!

While taking excessive amounts of cannabinoids is not as extreme as alcohol. It's important to understand what happens to the bioavailability of cannabinoids when taken in excess. First (like alcohol), everyone has a different tolerance known as endocannabinoid tone. Your endocannabinoid tone refers to the level of active endocannabinoid receptors, endocannabinoids, and enzymes that metabolize cannabinoids.

Phase one: For most healthy adults getting approximately 2-5 milligrams of cannabinoids systemically twice per day will have help with mental clarity, bring anxiety down, and help concentration.

Notice I said systemically, so keep that dosing method in mind! Taking hemp extraction in pill form has a very low absorption rate since hemp extraction is hydrophobic. Most of the human body is water so trying to get oil to absorb is difficult; like mixing salad dressing of oil and vinegar. Therefore, most of the capsule passes right through your body. You pee out eighty or ninety percent! Sublingual products have a better absorption rate (+/- 40%), and transdermal has an even higher absorption rate. Arcanum’s bio chemists have tested the Quill’s absorption rate at ninety percent in as little as five minutes!

Transdermal products have what's called a transdermal excipient, which acts as a carrier to drive the active ingredient into the bloodstream. Topicals (without the transdermal excipient) do not go systemic hardly at all. (There are a lot of sensory receptors in the dermis which is why topicals work so well).

Phase two: If you take too many cannabinoids your body will shut off the cannabinoid receptors and induce enzymes into the blood stream to get rid of them. While a smaller serving of cannabinoids is a waking agent and will help you focus, too many will make you lethargic and tired.

If you're taking cannabinoids for a certain aliment and not getting the desired results from your cannabinoids (and your certain you have a good product) try using less; probably a lot less and build up from there. Use a good full spectrum extract and keep dosing method in mind.

As always, stay healthy my friends!

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