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Will Moorad

Crossfit · Tennessee

About Will

Will Moorad is a 31-year old professional Crossfit athlete from Brentwood, TN. Will started training for Crossfit shortly after his collegiate soccer career was over at Belmont University. Since then he has competed twice in the sports biggest competetion, The Crossfit Games, where he placed 10th overall in 2019!  We are proud to work with Will and aid him with his countless hours training, competing, and recovering. 


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Will's Competitor Bundle

Will's Competitor Bundle products allow him to train, perform, and recover day in & day out at the highest level of Crossfit competition. The Sarco Freeze's cooling sensation is perfect to apply after a rigorous workout or practice session. The THC Free Coil allows for focus & relaxation in even the most tense moments. "Being a professional athlete is very hard on the body. Using Arcanum Edge for sore muscles, aches and pains makes all the difference. I’m proud to work with a company that makes such a high quality, effective product."

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