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Will Barnes

Crossfit · Texas

About Will

Hi my name is William Barnes, I am a 17 year old CrossFit Athlete from the great state of Texas. I train at CrossFit Iso in Carrollton, Texas. I have been doing CrossFit since I was 11 years old & have had a passion for it ever since.


I have competed in numerous competitions, all the way from the East Coast to the West Coast. I competed at Wodapalooza in 2020 and earned 2nd place in the 14-15 year old division! 


My hobbies include of course working out, playing with my Golden Retriever (Grace Gripsdottír), shooting guns, riding four wheelers, and learning how I can make myself better everyday. 


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Will's Fire Breather Bundle

I love using Arcanum Edge for recovery because it acts fast & is extremely effective. I’ll go to bed sore then wake up feeling ready to go 110%. I love the Sarco Stick because of its heating and cooling feature. I use the Sarco Stick between sessions that way I can attack every workout 110%. I use the Sarco Skin because of its pin-point cooling effect. I just slap the tape on where it hurts before I go to bed then wake up feeling better than before. We chose the Fire Breather Bundle for Will due to his fiery passion for the sport & the endless hard work he puts in on a daily basis!

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