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What Is the Kinesio Taping Method

What Is the Kinesio Taping Method?

The Kinesio taping method is the strategic application of kinesiology tape in order to support muscles and joints, guide and correct movements, and lift the skin away from the muscles to support blood and lymphatic flow.

When applied correctly, kinesiology tape assists in posture and movement assisting the body in moving correctly that can alleviate longterm posture problems. By lifting the skin away from the muscles, kinesiology tape can also directly relieve pain from the pressure caused by inflammation as well as allowing for an improved lymphatic flow, which takes the waste and fluid build-ups in your muscles that cause soreness, aching, and spasms.

Kinesiology tape is also often used to increase space in knee and shoulder joints which reduces persistent joint pain and reduces the chance of future joint pain occurring after strenuous activities. That is is why you often see colorful tapes on athletes.

How Does Kinesiology Tape Work?

Kinesiology tape utilizes a mixture of plant fibers and polymers to create flexible and strong supporting structures in order to deliver the benefits of athletic tape without limiting motion. 

Kinesiology tape also utilizes a powerful adhesive that doesn’t hinder the skin underneath from being able to healthily perspire and breath while also being water-resistant to remain attached for 18 or more hours even through sleep, exercise, and showers. This makes kinesiology tape non-intrusive while still offering powerful all-day support.

While attached properly, kinesiology tape offers external support for your muscles and joints in order to assist in proper movement and posture. 

It also lifts the skin in targeted areas allowing increased blood flow as well as the flow of lymphatic fluid which is how your muscles deal with and process waste products generated from usage allowing your cells to more swiftly process buildup of acid and reduce inflammation. This increase of blood and lymphatic flow is important for your muscles to recover after a hard workout, reducing long term aches and pains and allowing you to get in the right workout condition again.

Some Kinesiology tapes also employ mixtures of chemicals and oils like menthol to create an icy or warming sensation that helps relax and reduce the pain around the location where the tape is attached. 

Kinesiology tape has also recently begun mixing in CBD derived from industrial hemp that functions as a powerful anti-inflammatory which helps reduce pains and aches in worn-out muscles and joints. It has a variety of other effects found to be useful for athletes during exercise and during recovery. 

CBD Kinesiology tape has yet to entirely replace traditional kinesiology tapes but is quickly growing as a popular way of mixing two powerful methods in assisting muscles and joints to recover.

Applying Kinesiology Tape

Kinesiology tape isn’t quite as simple to apply as a bandage or athletic tape around the joints. In fact, you need to contact a physician or specialist to tape it on specific body parts.

A proper specialist will be able to identify which applications of kinesiology tape best suit your needs and show you how the tape should be properly applied

They will also teach you the amount of tension you should put in each strip to maximize the beneficial qualities of kinesiology tape. 

After having the tape properly applied by a specialist or physician you can learn this application method and buy your own tape to apply at home to save on costly visits and make kinesiology tape easier to fit into your athletic schedule.

If you are ready to try CBD products to help with pain management, relaxation, or any number of the other benefits that cannabidiol has been linked to, you might want to check out what our tape can do.

Still, if you consistently participate in any type of sport, you can’t go wrong with our CBD-infused kinesiology tape here at Arcanum. Get yours today!

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