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Travel to LA Fit Expo with Nathalia Melo, Arcanum Athlete / Bikini Olympia Champion & Tyler Mintz, COO of Arcanum

Please click thru to the first of our video series with Nathalia Melo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TDrlGT4FU5c&feature=youtu.be

And for those superset tips, check out episode 1 here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3aD4ha8cl_o

We will be releasing training videos from Nathalia Melo weekly, check back next week for the next episode in the series!

Tips for healthy travel from Tyler

Tyler Mintz, COO of Arcanum

Okay so let’s talk about travel and fitness…

We are headed to the LA Fit Expo and will be challenged (again) by travel’s effect on our training regimen. I wanted to share my travel hacks for arriving ready to tackle whatever lies ahead:

    1. Go to bed early (preferably 3-5 days pre-travel, at the same time each night)
    2. Hydrate en route. Even though those bloody marys are oh-so-good, don’t do it (or too many)! (remember your CBD + Electrolytes Arcana-Lyte, use code hydrate20 for 20% off!). Bring that empty water bottle through security and fill it up before you get to your gate. You will thank me later.
  1. Modify your training to a moderate level the day before you travel.
  2. Pre-flight shake-out, think: speed walking vs. moving walkways, walk part of the way vs. train all the way to the gate, motivate blood flow once you arrive at your gate – think opposite of sitting + reps – legs up the wall, forward folding, calf raises, leg swings, lunges.
  3. Take advantage of your time on the flight by knocking out those magazines that you’ve meant to get to (bonus tip: great for adding weight to your carry-on as well) or working on your upcoming presentation. Sleeping on short flights is rough on the body! Focus on hydrating and getting up whenever possible or necessary to keep that blood moving that you worked to build up pre-flight.

Travel can be a broad term so let’s assume that you’re going across time zones. Jet lag and time restrictions present a challenge to the body; the speed at which the body recovers post-flight depends on the condition your body pre-travel.

Do not stay up all night to get a good nap in on the plane. This just increases jet leg by knocking your circadian sleep rhythm even more out of whack, and don’t drink bloody marys until you pass out! This will just lead to dehydration and a groggy post-flight experience.

The days leading up to take make sure your body’s circadian sleep rhythm has been nourished by going to bed and waking up at roughly the same time. Working out according to your travel schedule 3-5 days leading up to and if possible, the day of your flight. Do not plan an eight-hour flight and max out on deadlifts the day of or before as this will make for some tight erectors! Instead, do moderate workouts that correspond in a commonsensical way to the length of your flight.

If you do not have time for a preflight workout, consider walking to the gate instead of taking the train the whole way, and don’t just walk –  Speed Walk. You won’t even look foolish it happens all the time in the airport.

Once you arrive at your gate, do a little stretching, do what you’re comfortable with and consider a focus on your calves, quads, and hammies. For that less self-consciousness, get jiggy with it and do birds of paradise (if you can). The point is your body will stagnate after several hours of immobility and dehydration so get your stretching in before takeoff.  Once on the flight, pound water. Bring a water bottle just empty it out before security or better yet drink it down before security confiscates it. This will keep you hydrated but also and this is important it will give you the motivation to move a lot during the flight.  While sleeping on a flight is a feat that is the center of so much jealousy it is overrated. This will come as no surprise passing out on the plane is not great for your neck, shoulders, or back. For super long flights do the best you can but for flights that are only a few hours do some work, and move … a lot.


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