Arcanum, a hemp-derived CBD sports supplement company, released Arcana-Lyte, a hydration powder packet with 5mg of water-soluble CBD and replenishing electrolytes. Arcana-Lyte has a mild taste that mixes easily into 16 oz. of any liquid.

Created for athletes by athletes, Arcana-Lyte provides systemic hydration that helps manage energy and boost performance. The unique mix of CBD and electrolytes in Arcana-Lyte can prompt bronchial relaxation increased air flow and respiration into the lungs during inhalation — and improve mental clarity and focus, the company said. Additional benefits may also support a quicker overall return to homeostasis post-workout.

“Arcana-Lyte decreases the negative symptoms associated with intense workouts through CBD and electrolytes. This first-to-market blend also activates chemicals unique to athletes otherwise known as a ‘runner’s high,’” says Tyler Mintz, founder and COO of Arcanum. “These nutrients, along with the known benefits of cannabinoid supplementation, help athletes gain a new edge.” 


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