Patented Activated Hemp Delivery. Clinically proven.

The Quill: Patented Activated Hemp Delivery.

Clinically Proven.

A team is crucial for success. How is your body’s “team” functioning? Cannabinoids, like those found in The Quill, communicate with a giant neuroreceptor system expressed in almost every organ and gland in the human body (Endocannabinoid System). Finally, a next level product that gets the body’s team functioning as it should, starting from the molecular level.

Use for everyday cannabinoid supplementation or for symptoms of discomfort and dis-ease.

The Quill Products:

  • 50 precise 2mg doses of activated hemp in every application.

  • Clinically proven to provide relief in as little as five minutes.

  • Paraben Free, Sulfate Free, Non-GMO and Made in the USA.

  • Recover without stressing your internal system with our innovative dermal delivery-avoid first pass metabolism, convenient and easy to use, reduced toxicity in the body, decreased dosing frequency and continual release proving improved efficacy and dose control.

  • Effective dermal delivery and nerve support.

  • Support healthy recovery, overuse, dis-ease in the body.

  • Targeted delivery system of transdermal nutrients.

  • Replace harsh pharmaceuticals with The Quill’s discrete delivery of natural healing ingredients.

  • THC free: Tested multiple times before leaving our facility and by a third party, state certified lab.


PLO gel™, Elite Hemp Extract, Limonene, B-Pinene, B-Caryophyllene, Natural Fragrance, Menthol Crystals, Isopropyl Myristate.

How to Use:

Open pen, twist clockwise to unlock.
Press down fully to administer.
Please be sure that skin is clean before application to a veinous, nonfatty area of the body such as inner wrist, top of foot or back of knee.
Rub product in; store at room temperature.