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Kratos - Daily Dose Gummies

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Kratos is a DAILY DOSE, broad-spectrum (THC-free) gummy enhanced with Vitamin C. Why daily dose? By supplementing with a daily dose of cannabinoids, you are giving your body more of what it uses naturally to maintain balance (homeostasis). Our bodies function best in this balanced state. Better recovery, sleep, mood, focus, and less inflammation, anxiety, and stress! We also added Vitamin C to Katos. Vitamin C is known for its immune system benefits and is also necessary for the growth, development and repair of body tissue.

At Arcanum, we say give it a month of continuous daily use to really realize this effect. Take 1-2 gummies every day, preferably in the morning or post-training.

  • 750mg CBD
  • Vitamin C enhanced
  • Made in USA
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