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C3 - .5oz Sleep Tincture

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Ready for a restful night of sleep? C3 features full-spectrum, organically-grown hemp extract with added CBN distillate and CBG isolate in a 3:2:1 ratio. Included in this formulation is an extensive proprietary terpene formula for rest and relaxation. Experiencing a restful night of sleep with lots of deep sleep can significantly improve your performance and recovery. If sleep is an issue for you, C3 is a must-try! Check out our DOSING CHART.

  • C3’s star ingredient is CBN which is known for its sedative properties
  • Start low and slow. We recommend starting with a few drops to assess tolerance. Not recommended to exceed .25mL per serving.
  • At .25mL per serving, the cost per dose is ONLY $0.92! Expected to last for 60 days. Want to save even more money per dose? Check out our 1oz size
  • Ingredients

15mL | 1 oz

400mg CBD | 200mg CBN | 100mg CBG

Made in USA

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