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Robbie Rodriguez

Crossfit · Florida

About Robbie

Meet Robbie Rodriguez, a Crossfit Athlete & a Registered Nurse. Originally from Tucson, AZ, Robbie grew up playing soccer and was a sprinter on the track team. He now resides in the Sunshine State where he now works as an RN & trains for his upcoming competitions. Robbie has taken part in some of Crossfit's' biggest events, including being a contestant on Titan Games Season 2, a competition show hosted by The Rock! Outside of the Titan Games Robbie has also competed in the Granite Games, Wodapalooza, and is a member of the Fort Lauderdale Lions team in the Florida GRID league. 


We'd like to say - Thank you Robbie for serving on the frontlines everyday & for representing LGTBQ+ athletes everywhere!


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Robbie 2

Robbies's Fire & Ice Bundle

This fire and ice combination gets my training revved up to 100% and then feeling recovered before the day is over! I get the Sarco Stick on my body before stretching so it can ease into my muscles before I get to my workouts. I then recover my aches later on with the Sarco Freeze to calm my body down into a state of tranquility. It's practically Superman's Fortress of Solitude!!

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