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The Arcanum Edge inside each Sarco Stick is ingredients which compound upon each other and yield a noticeable effect for hours and hours. This custom formulation helps prolong the effects of the active ingredients as opposed to menthol or camphor. Which can be felt for approximately 45 minutes. Arcanum’s Sarco Stick doubles down on targeting the source of the discomfort not just masking it. The intense sensation felt by Sarco Stick users is normal. It is safe as it does not have capsaicin which has been known to burn skin. Sarco Stick uses active ingredients which aid the cannabinoids in desensitizing sensory receptors. The ingredients work in conjunction with one another to yield maximum efficacy.



  • Easy, hands-free topical application of active ingredients intended to work synergistically with your body 
  • When the body heats up during activity, Sarco Stick will also increase in heat keeping muscles warm and elongated. Preventing injury and soothing existing injuries during exercise
  • Extended cooling effect relief
  • Store at room temperature
  • 500mg CBD
  • Ingredients

Sarco Stick 500mg CBD

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