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Recover without stressing your internal system with our innovative dermal delivery-avoid first pass metabolism, convenient and easy to use, reduced toxicity in the body, decreased dosing frequency and continual release proving improved efficacy and dose control.


  • Immediate cooling relief.
  • Address soreness, discomfort, overuse, irritation and support recovery time and performance.
  • Experience the benefits at the cellular level: The ArcanoEdge Complex provides your body with cannabinoids, upregulating your cells to communicate and carry on the reactions they need to.
  • Cannabinoids are produced naturally in your body but only when necessary and not in the amounts you could use or utilize.
  • Another benefit? By upregulating your cells with cannabinoids, unhealthy cells commit apoptosis-cellular suicide!
  • Ingredients

Sarco Freeze Sample Pack - CBD Sore Relief Packs

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