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Sarco Freeze – Best Gift for All Hikers, BACKPACKER

Recently Patrice and Justin La Vigne recently tried Arcanum. They knew immediately Sarco Freeze is the best gift for expert hikers and backpackers. BACKPACKER magazine offers trail ratings, adventure, and advice. Also, stay up-to-date on what’s going around you. Sarco Freeze is ideal for all hikers – no matter the experience. Likewise, Arcanum is perfect […]

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Arcana-Lyte: CBD Meets Electrolytes for Improved Performance

Simple and subtle, Arcanum Edge’s new hydration powder works amazing post-workout Arcanum Edge is leading the charge when it comes to performance-based Cannabidiol (CBD) products. With products that range from topicals and salt soaks to kinesiology tape, Arcanum Edge provides multiple ways that athletes can include CBD into their workout routine. We recently tested Arcana-Lyte, a […]

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Hemp-Derived Sarco Skin Unveiled

Arcanum Sports Performance Launches First-to-Market CBD Kinesiology Tape, Sarco Skin See full details click here.

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This Week’s Cannabis News: The FDA And CBD, The STATES Act, Cresco And Origin House, Europe And High Times

Arcanum, a hemp-derived CBD sports supplement company, released Arcana-Lyte, a hydration powder packet with 5mg of water-soluble CBD and replenishing electrolytes. Arcana-Lyte has a mild taste that mixes easily into 16 oz. of any liquid.

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Spektrum Magazine: The Quill Review

Spektrum Magazine’s Editor Daniel Navarrete and Arcanum’s CEO Lindsey Mintz had the opportunity to speak at this year’s Fit Expo. Seeking answers about CBD and the Athlete, Daniel was impressed: “Luckily, I was granted an opportunity to talk to Lindsey Mintz, one of the founders and owners of Arcanum Edge. We had a lot to talk […]

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Vote For Arcanum!

5280 TOP OF THE TOWN Here’s how to vote: Click here: Vote for “Sarco Freeze” under Gifts Click here: Vote for “Sarco Freeze” under Summer Outdoor Gear Item Westword 2019: BEST OF DENVER You can only vote once through March 20th. Here’s what to do: Click here Go to the orange bar – “Shopping & Services” […]

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Dope Directory: Arcana-Lyte & Sarco Skin Review

Our friends at Dope Directory recently gave Arcana-Lyte and Sarco Skin a go. Here’s what Jesse Grove had to say: Whether you’re an athlete, a sportsman, or just need a way to help assuage the aches and pains of a nine to five job, Arcanum has a solution to help your pain and boost your […]

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Arcanum’s Sarco Freeze Officially Mother-In-Law Approved with Adventure Pro

Adventure Pro recently reviewed Arcanum Sarco Freeze and the most unlikely of people approved – the Mother-in-law! Sarco Freeze is not only great for athletes but the entire family. As for the Mother-in-law, she loved the cooling relief for her arthritis. Check out the spectacular article on Arcanum Sarco Freeze here. 

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Running Insights and Arcanum Performance One-on-One Interview

Running Insights and the owners of Arcanum Performance recently sat down for an one-on-one interview. They discuss the dawn of creation for Arcanum and why cannabinoids are a runner’s dream.  What is the benefit to runners? “Athletes that can recover quickly have the edge…Cannabinoids offset inflammation caused by the body’s nervous system…such as disease, chronic […]

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Jon of All Trades Interviews Lindsey and Tyler Mintz

Jon Eks stumbled on something truly fascinating ten years ago when he created a website with his friends. Jon charged generating content based on the in’s and out’s of all jobs through every industry imaginable. Now he maintains an entire podcast and website dedicated to all the odd jobs he’s found. Arcanum’s unique alliance with […]

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