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Why Should THC users consider supplementing with CBD?

Many people know that CBD has been shown to reduce some of the negative side effects of THC. This includes anxiety, hunger, and drowsiness. So, keep some CBD handy if you’re indulging in THC; especially if you’re doing it recreationally and don’t have a good grasp on your tolerance. There’s a quick tip for the recreational user; however, on a larger scale, chronic THC users are subject to hippocampal volume loss. This may be evident from all the Cheech and Chong movies we watched in college.

While a reference to Cheech and Chong may be a good literary tool to bring up images of extreme hippocampal capacity loss due to chronic cannabis usage, many people are not using THC chronically just for the heck of it. When left with a choice between harsh pharmaceuticals and a natural alternative for many ailments, it’s not a surprise that many people choose to be chronic cannabis users rather than the alternative.

In a 2018 article published by the US National Library of National Institute Health, ( long term cannabis users were given CBD daily over a ten-week period. Pre and post CBD-use tests were done using structural magnetic resonance imaging. The conclusion of the study was interesting. It showed CBD had a restorative effect more so on the subjects with the most exposure to long term THC usage. There are more studies being done, not only for neuroprotectant properties of CBD to help those who use THC daily, but also in other fields of hippocampal pathology, like Alzheimer’s!

So, if you’re taking THC daily for some reason or another don’t forget your CBD!

Until next time,

Stay healthy my friends!

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