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The Glutes… Baby got back?

Developed derrieres are all the hype; not only will they help you fill out your favorite pair of jeans, but strong glutes will positively impact any activity you do and even prevent long term injury and pain. Another cool fact? Because this muscle group is so big, engaging the glutes can result in torching some serious extra calories. Score! In today's email, we'll share some good tips for activating these muscles that are surprisingly underutilized by many people. Let's start with a quick overview. When we talk about "the glutes," we are actually referring to three muscles: the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus. It's important to make sure you target all three.

How to get the most from your glutes: 1. ACTIVATION, and not just before leg day. In our sedentary society, many people could benefit from getting those glutes firing first thing in the morning. Pick a few of the exercises below and knock out some reps as a part of your morning routine (Google is your friend here folks). Another nifty idea is to keep a circular band in your office. It's actually pretty easy to get in some abductions, kickbacks or side steps on those conference calls. Want even another plus to activating throughout the day with these little glute bursts? Increasing blood flow and circulating fresh, oxygenated blood throughout the body. Hello energy! How many reps/sets should you do? Remember, one is always better than none, but we encourage you to go for the burn baby, burn! -Glute Bridge/Hip Thrust (No bench? No problem! Just use your sofa!). -Donkey Kicks -Quadruped Hip Extension -Glute Kickbacks -Banded Abduction -Banded Monster Walks -Banded Side Steps -Glute Fire Hydrant -Step-Ups (Stairs are a great option here) 2. STRETCH AND ROLL. Your glutes can become tight from too much sitting, overuse and/or overexertion. Tight glutes can be the catalyst to other injuries, aches and pains so be sure to get your stretching in! Some of our favorite glute stretches are half pigeon pose and lizard stretch. After you get some stretching in, be sure to pull out your foam roller or lacrosse ball for some myofacial release. Stay safe, stay healthy and work those glutes.

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