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The One Thing You MUST Do Every Morning

Updated: Feb 25, 2021

YOU are the Captain of your own ship. YOU tell it which direction you want it to go. Sure, there’ll be some gusty winds that might throw you off course, but you are blessed with the ability to correct course, and therefore pursue your dreams and desires with relentless passion!

Let’s break this down. Captaining your own ship is the big idea. You get to navigate through both smooth and harsh waters. What kind of a Captain will you be? Will you be the type that grabs the helm in the belly of a storm, and strategically maps out a course - the type with a plan? Or will you cowardly hide in your quarters and hope for the best?

Just like captaining a ship, you GET to captain (guide) your thoughts. Notice I said “get?” This isn’t something you have to do. You can just sit your happy ass down, look out the window and go along for the ride too.

If you are even thinking about option two, I have a challenge for you; stop living and become ALIVE! That just sounds good, right? What have you always wanted to do or accomplish? You are capable of so much; the human mind is truly miraculous!

Whether you’re a seasoned vet with intention (guiding your thoughts), or just getting started, there is one thing you must do every morning…GET GRATEFUL!

Do you have time to express gratitude for a few minutes every morning? If not, no offense but you need to do some serious reevaluation of your time management.

Maybe have a few minutes of “you” time while you are lying in bed before your feet even touch the ground, or while you are sipping your coffee, or even in the shower. It just feels good to be grateful! I truly believe when you start living in a place of gratitude and abundance you begin looking through a telescope of what you CAN do, not what you can’t.

And my final thought- Every boat must have an anchor, right? Something that can hold it in place, something the captain can rely on to keep the boat in place? An anchor is defined as “a person or thing that provides strength and support.” Who/what is your anchor? Is it something or someone greater than yourself? There’s a little food for thought.

I love you, #ArcanumArmy. My gratitude for you is greater than any words.

Lindsey Mintz

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