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Let's get physical...and emotional!

Does mood impact your athletic performance? HECK YEAH!

Most people go to the gym or participate in athletics because it makes them feel good, or, at the very least, they know it is a necessary evil. However, for a variety of reasons some people associate physical activity with negative emotions. Either way, emotions are the building blocks to our expectations and confidence with athletics.

What happens if you try to work out when you’re really pissed off, or even depressed? Your focus goes out the window, but the physical effects are even worse. Negative emotions make it harder to breathe and contract your muscles. This leads to poor coordination, lack of focus ,and poor performance. When you get to this state, let’s hope that you don’t have teammates or a workout partner! If you do, frustration with them also becomes a factor. After a while you must give up - either emotionally or literally.

Golf is a great example of this because it is so blatant. If a novice wants to become a decent golfer, he/she must have realistic expectations and realize that emotions are a large factor. After a few bad shots, if your emotions are not in check, your muscles contract. This physically makes your arms shorter and the golf shots go downhill from there. Furthermore, your coordination goes down the drain, and morale does not improve...clubs might even start flying.

What do you do if physical activity doesn’t make you happy? Your mile time used to be 5:30 and now you're lucky if it’s 10 minutes...or you can’t even run a mile. You used to squat 495 lbs for reps and now you feel like Atlas if you load up 135 lbs. This is supposed to make you happy? Especially when you look around the gym and there are all these fit people jumping around all nimbly-bimbly. It is hard not to have negative emotions in this situation…trust me, I know. Read on!Athletes are finding success with cannabinoids pre-workout, mood regulation is just one of the major reasons to try a high quality full spectrum CBD product pre-work out.

How do we stay happy and not get in an emotionally downward spiral during physical activity? Begin with the end in mind. What is your main objective, a fitness competition, to lose a few lbs, or just to feel great? Put a realistic time frame on it and start at a level that will not negatively impact you emotionally. Plan a workout that works for you and will keep you emotionally happy and engaged.

Take a page from the pros – visualize. In sports psychology today, it is a fact that all top performers visualize their performance. Modeling the greats doesn’t mean your end goal is becoming a middle linebacker in the NFL, it simply means you are using tried and true techniques. The pros visualize whole games in their heads and how negative factors are going to impact them before they happen. They prepare for adversity! They visualize the record setting lift, they visualize the touchdown, overcoming obstacles, and the emotions that go with it. They also visualize the goggles coming off, the fumbled snap....That way WHEN those things happen, they already have a game plan. Take a few minutes before each day or each workout and visualize. Visualize handling any negative emotions you might have while jogging a mile for the first time in a while. Visualize how you'll handle the adversity when your boss tacks on a conference call or your kiddo is home sick. Visualize how you will handle body image issues when you show up to CrossFit class for the first time in months…in a room full of half-naked fit people. Visualize all the small wins, sometimes just showing up to the gym or putting on the jogging shoes is a win. Visualize yourself months from now with vitality and health. Visualize completing the first step with gratitude because you know that a journey of a thousand miles is coming your way. Stay positive and happy to be physical! PS: Looking for the positive cannabinoid pop pre-workout? Check out two or our favorites: Booms and The Quill!

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