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Is Your Hemp Dirty?

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Either it’s avocados from Mexico, oranges from Florida, apples from Washington, or any other produce; how consumable plants are grown can play a pretty major role in how good the final product will be. These plants require meticulous care with things like soil conditions and water filtration taking center stage.  Hemp is no different.  Well, it’s a little different - at least when you look at the science. 

Hemp bioaccumulates at a faster rate than most other products. This means it absorbs and holds onto toxins like air pollution and pesticides for a longer time than other plant life. It’s so good at this that hemp is often used in a process called phytoremediation, which is basically using plants to detox environmental contaminants from the ground and the water table.  Phytoremediation gets used the world over for helping clean the environment after environmentally-traumatic events like oil spills, chemical explosions, and more.  CBD Products You Can Trust

Hyperaccumulators (plants that bioaccumulate faster than most) like hemp are even planted around Chernobyl to help accelerate the natural healing of the region. Beyond hemp, a variety of other plants are used in the phytoremediation process, including: 

  • Willow

  • Poplar

  • Sunflower

  • Indian grass

  • Barley

  • Water lettuce

  • Black mustard

While that’s certainly a solid benefit provided by hemp plants, it’s also a big problem for those looking to consume or use hemp in their everyday lives. Since hemp is a hyperaccumulator, the final products can be laden with all kinds of toxins - especially if the hemp isn’t grown under organic conditions. 

Consuming a hyperaccumulator or applying it to one’s skin means taking in all the things that the product pulled from the soil, water, and air. Using non-organic hemp products mean soaking your body with chemical pesticides, plant-growth chemicals, extremely-high nitrate levels, heavy metals and whatever else the corporation uses to make their plants grow as fast as possible without much effort (probably also why their CBD levels are often questionable). 

Thankfully, even if you do consume a hyperaccumulator grown in contaminated soil, the human body handles toxins fairly well. Unlike plant life, our bodies will break down and sweat or pee out toxins at a fairly efficient rate. Problems start popping up, however, when we start taking in more of those dangerous contaminants than the body can handle.

All this being said, where your hemp comes from is incredibly important, especially if you’re planning to actually use the product. This is exactly why all of Arcanum Edge’s CBD is grown under organic methods. 

When you’re ready to restock your consumable and personal-use CBD products, make sure you choose a company that uses high-quality hemp-derived CBD. Make sure you have the Arcanum Edge!

Stay healthy, friends!


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