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3 Reasons to Daily Dose with Arcanum!

Updated: Feb 11, 2022

Happy New Year #ArcanumArmy! Are you ready to crush your goals in 2022? Well, we are here to help!

Here are three reasons why DAILY cannabinoid supplementation from Arcanum should rank on your “things to do for 2022!"

#1: The Build-Up Effect

By supplementing with a daily dose of cannabinoids, you are giving your body more of what it uses naturally to maintain this state of balance. Our bodies function best in this balanced state. Better recovery, sleep, mood, focus and less inflammation, anxiety and stress!

At Arcanum, we say give it a month of continuous daily use to really realize this effect.

#2: Microdosing Reigns Supreme

Yes, there can be too much of a “good thing.” Everyone has a different “Endocannabinoid Tone.” This means the dose that’s right for me might be very different from the dose that is right for you. You want to implement the Goldilocks Effect and find that perfect dose for you. How will you know if you overdid it? If you start to feel lethargic, take your dose down. With the exception of Arcanum’s Sleep Aid (C3), cannabinoid supplementation should not make you feel sleepy.

Arcanum offers three modes of delivery: transdermal (The Quill), sublingual (Coils) and edible (Kratos and Booms by Arcanum).

For those looking to stick with a true microdose with over 90% absorption in as little as five minutes, we suggest The Quill or the Quill 200mg for those looking for something a little stronger. Both Coil 1500mg and THC-Free Coil offer a graduated dropper so you can control and experiment with your dose. Kratos and Booms by Arcanum are our new gummies that launch THIS Monday! Kratos is a daily dose THC-free gummy enhanced with Vitamin C (take one or two per day). Booms by Arcanum is our full spectrum gummy enhanced with Lion’s Mane (more on this next week).

#3: Delivery Method Matters

We hear so few companies discuss the importance of delivery method and absorption rate. If you want to take a deep dive with Tyler, check out this blog.

Bottom line, 25mg of CBD is not 25mg of CBD. It all depends on delivery! That is why you will find a higher dose of CBD in Kratos and Booms than you will in The Quills–there is an absorption difference.

Feel free to reach out to use at if you need help finding the product best for you. We would love to help.❤️

Stay healthy, my friends!

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