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Will You Burn the Boats?

Most of us have heard the phrase: “burn the boats.” Eliminating an exit plan, a way out, forcing yourself to focus every bit of effort towards an end goal. Towards what is needed for victory.

When we brainstorm ideas for these blogs and emails, they almost always come from a place of personal reflection. A message that someone from the Arcanum Team heard or needed to hear; something that interested us and we also thought would interest you. =)

So, who “burned the boats?” Historical lore tells us the Spanish conquistadors, Alexander the Great and Sun Tzu “Art of War” (just to name a few), have utilized this strategy for commitment.

But why and what does it have to do with health and fitness?

Sometimes we need to destroy our resources and embrace our obstacles. We need to make failure to succeed a little more painful. We need to light a fire under our you-know-what’s. We need to exit the “exit strategy.”

Have you ever caught yourself saying, “Well, if things don’t work out…”. STOP! You need to burn the boats and replace that thought with a burning desire to kick some butt, to sacrifice, to achieve, to work hard even though it sucks.

The #ArcanumArmy is a community and a state of mind. We are not afraid of hard work. On the contrary, we embrace the suck because we know that the victory will be worth it. And even if we don’t succeed for what we initially set out for, we know we still succeeded because in some way, we learned.

Are you a part of the #ArcanumArmy?

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