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Biologist Raise Alarm

Many members of the #ArcanumArmy are acutely aware of the dangers of plastics. We’re on the bandwagon of “BPA-free” plastic products like tupperware and water bottles to name a few..

I’m here to put some salt on your cheerios... most of us definitely are not taking the dangers of plasticizers seriously.

According to a new study from the University of Bayreuth, “...even small amounts of plasticizers bisphenol A and bisphenol S disrupt the transmission signals between nerve cells in the brains of fish. The researchers consider it very likely that similar interference can also occur in the brains of adult humans.”

The researchers go on to say, “It turns out plasticizers influence the action potential of brain cells. They alter the chemical and electrical transmission of signals through the synapses. In addition, they disrupt the circuits that are important for the perception and processing of visual stimuli.”

Here are small steps you can take to reduce your daily exposure to plasticizers:

  1. Swap out plastic water bottles for a glass or stainless steel (think Yeti) type refillable water bottle.

  2. Swap out your plastic tupperware for glass. One of the WORST things you can do is microwave/heat any type of food or drink in plastic as it increases permeability.

  3. Check your kids toys, especially anything they might put in their mouths (think pacifiers).

  4. Stop using paper plates (as many have a plastic coating) and plastic utensils.

  5. Trade non-stick cookware for something like cast iron.

Stay healthy, my friends!

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