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3 Tips to Stay on Track!

It’s hard to believe we’re almost through the first quarter of 2021! That makes this the perfect time to do a check-in on those 2021 goals.

How are you doing? Are you staying on track or did you hit a roadblock?

No matter which category you fall into, here’s three tips to stay (or get back) on track!


You know it’s coming...failing to plan is planning to fail. Life always has a way to throw us through loops and attempt to toss us off track. The best way to prevent this? Make a plan and stick to it! Think of those plans as promises to yourself. Block out your workouts like they’re important meetings (because they are important meetings, with you!).

Mom Tip: I even go as far as scheduling out what we’re having for dinner every night of the week, and post it in the kitchen on a dry erase board. It prevents the question/reaction of “what’s for dinner?” and I’ve found that my step-son (and husband) enjoy knowing what to expect when they come home.


Goals are so much easier to accomplish when you have someone to hold you accountable, and vent to when things get tough (and it will). This can be a friend, family member, or even social media. Find your person or your tribe that will cheer for you, but will also show you tough love when needed.

Mom Tip: We have Sunday night goal check-ins at our house. It’s a fun way to celebrate wins, discuss struggles, and also make sure we hold each other accountable to stay on track.


Famed Alabama Football Coach Nick Saban is famous for his attention to “The Process.” The Process stems from moving the focus away from the result. Coach Saban preaches the importance of focusing on controlling the variables that determine the outcome that are within your control. That last part is pretty important; focus on what you CAN control. It’s like the good ol’ Serenity Prayer.

Mom Tip: One of my favorite phrases is “Let’s dig into that.” When my step-son complains about not having enough time, money (you name it, he’s a teenager), etc.; I use this as an opportunity to help him evaluate (and potentially reshape) his process. These moments have turned into some of our best talks.

Keep crushing 2021 #ArcanumArmy!

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