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Livie Lusby

Bodybuilding · Colorado

About Livie

Fitness and lifting changed my entire life in 2013 when I decided to teach myself about weight lifting & nutrition. I am now a full time lifestyle and prep coach, I love helping others reach their fitness and health goals. I have been apart of the NPC since 2014 competing in both bikini and wellness,  and have coached women in many categories from amateur to the professional stages. I like to focus on mental health, gut health ,and overall health with all my clients which is why I align so well with Arcanum and their values.

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Livie Lusby Bodybuilding

Livie's Boss Bundle

My two Arcanum staples are the Quill and the C3 Sleep tincture. I started using the Quill regularly in 2019 when I was sick and also healing from surgery. It is a staple in helping pain and inflammation. I love the C3 because it helps me fall asleep and stay asleep without feeling groggy. I wake up refreshed and rested. At night it can be hard to shut down my brain and body and C3 is now a nightly staple! Check out the Boss Bundle after a long weekend of training or competition to help get your body back to 100% before Monday rolls around!

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