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Kam Weakley

Snowboarding · Colorado

About Kam

My name is Kameron Weakley and I love playing in the mountains. I have been Snowboarding for over 20 years and rock climbing for 10. When I moved to Colorado my love for snowboarding was forever cemented in the Rocky Mountains. It was there that I dialed in my skills on the board and began coaching an independent athlete on the Junior FreeRide Tour. From there I ventured into the backcountry where I transitioned roles and became a splitboard guide, as well as an avalanche educator.

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Kam's Mountain Bundle

Kam chose this bundle because these two Arcanum products have significantly helped his muscles recover quicker from those long days in the backcountry. The Quill is our transdermal micro-dose CBD pen that is fact acting to provide relief as soon as you need it.  The Sarco Stick is our fire & ice CBD topical stick that you can apply to any affected areas with ease, before or after your activity of choice.  Whether he's riding, coaching, or instructing in the mountains, Kam always has the Quill & Sarco Stick in his bag!

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