Frequently Asked Questions

What is the science behind Arcanum’s unique products that harness the synergistic power of activated hemp?

When hemp is heated at high temperatures (decarboxalization), it’s bioavailability increases, meaning it is able to enter circulation in the body and have an active effect. This “activation” also creates an increase in the effectiveness of the cannabinoids in the hemp and other healing ingredients in the Arcanum formulation.  Activated hemp has been shown to support recovery time and performance by up-regulating your cells, allowing them to communicate and carry on the reactions necessary to help your body recover faster and smarter through cannabinoids. The body makes cannabinoids naturally in order to maintain homestasis, but only when necessary and not to the amount we could use of utilize.  Enter Arcanum’s unique product suite. Read more.

Where are Arcanum products derived from?

Arcanum products are derived from compliant industrial hemp crops harvested in Colorado and audited by the Colorado Department of Agriculture

What is hemp? Is it legal?

Hemp does not cause any psychoactive effects, and is legal for regular farmers to grow. Businesses craft clothing, soaps, nutritional products and even cars and houses out of hemp. Hemp is legal across the United States and most of the world. Arcanum products are derived from compliant industrial hemp crops harvested in Colorado and audited by the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

What makes our hemp different?

Our hemp products are produced from 100% organic, locally grown plants containing some of the highest quality hemp available in the USA today. Most hemp material sold in the USA today comes from industrial hemp grown in China or Europe. These plants are traditionally grown for their thick fibrous stalks. Our hemp plants are cultivated to create the highest content and quality.

Do you test your products?
All Arcanum products are tested before leaving our factory. They are then tested again by a third party, state-certified lab.
does science support the benefits?
Is CBD regulated by the World Anti-Doping Agency?
Do you ship internationally?

We are working diligently on a solution for international shipping. Please check back soon!  If you are a distributor, please fill out this questionnaire and our Sales Director will be in touch!

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