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For, maybe 20 years, I’ve had this niggling tendon in my right forearm.  It is fine as long as I do not push myself–what fun is that? –and I keep to dumbbell presses instead of barbell bench presses. It is really limiting, and depressing to have some dumb little thing like that ruling your workouts.  If you ignore it and “just push on”, it gets so horrible that it screws up all your upper body exercises.  I’ve been “ol dumb bell Sally” forever, it seems.
Since I’ve lifted my whole adult life, I had little kids with me a lot.  I dragged my son to every ratty old gym around (ratty old gyms are my personal favorites). His sisters hated coming, so he was it!   He learned to do all the lifts as a kid.
Naturally,  when he (finally) picked out a wife, it was a workout fanatic which is a delight to us.
Us aging mesomorphs have paired up with a couple “specimens” for the 21st Century. We are a super compatible family. We are into taking the best care of our physical selves……what’s this new thing?…… try it this way…… read about this new innovation…..listen to this podcast…..and on and on. That mentality led us to the magic of Activated Hemp.

The daughter-in-law found it a couple years ago.  The old man husband football guy used on his shoulder and they, Lindsey and Mike,  tried the stuff as a tiny smear on the inside of their wrists. They started sleeping better, the sore body parts stopped being sore.  I can’t even legally mention the REAL benefits they experienced thanks to Big Pharma regulations.
So, back to the niggling arm tendon.  I can do Barbells again after so many years. I use it right in the gym with me if something gets pulled or is bugging me in any way.  It is super!
This is what caused us to create our Arcanum products that include Sarco Freeze, The Coil, and Lip Factor.
I grew up a real country girl. My great grandparents came to the Colorado mountains in the 1860’s.  I’ve always been kind of a Spartan (not as in Spartan Race, there’s way too many folks all in one place at those things! ), bailing hay, riding horses, growing my own food and hanging out in the ratty old weight lifting gyms. I don’t believe in Big Pharmacy and I do not believe in just “throwing something at the wall” to see what sticks, especially when that wall is my body.!  That’s why we are offering our products to everybody, because every  “body” deserves it.
by Debbie Dunafon, Arcanum Co-Founder

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FREE SHIPPING On Orders Over $40


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