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CBD for athletes Can it produce positive drug test results

CBD for Athletes: Can it Produce Positive Drug Test Results?

Athletes are growing more and more aware of the beneficial properties of CBD products that help them recover after hard workouts so they can keep pushing themselves to the limit and growing without being stuck so long recovering. 

But competitive athletes recognize the risks involved with CBD products where they may end up showing positive in a drug test.

As it stands, CBD on its own doesn’t show up in drug tests testing for the active cannabinoid THC, which is banned by both the USADA and WADA.

However, there are CBD products that can be contaminated with THC or contain a small dosage of the chemical as an intentional ingredient.

If you are shopping for CBD products, then you need to take the time to investigate and research the product to ensure you are getting precisely what you want. 

What to Look For

There are some important things to look for when picking out a CBD product to ensure you’re getting the right one that doesn’t contain drugs. 

The CBD Spectrum

The most important thing to look for is the “Spectrum” of your CBD oil or product. Full-spectrum CBD contains all the chemicals of the hemp plant, which can contain up to 0.3% THC, which is relatively small, but if you are taking large quantities of CBD, then this amount may show up in a drug test. 

There is also Broad Spectrum CBD oil, which contains typically all of the natural chemicals of the hemp plant with the THC removed, which should be a safe option, but this would be selected depending on your preference. 

Tests have been inconclusive if the greatest benefits from CBD can be achieved with only CBD in isolation, which is why broad-spectrum has become a popular option.

If you want to be absolutely safe, then there is the option of getting CBD Isolate, which uses various refining processes to harvest just the CBD from the hemp plant. 

This isolated CBD can be more expensive but also runs the benefit of being up to a 98% concentration of cannabinoids that you can get in an oil or solid powder or block.

Where It’s Harvested

Another thing to look for is from what plant the CBD was harvested from. 

Ideally, it would come from Industrial hemp, which is required to have no more than 0.3% THC to be legally classified as industrial hemp. 

There are also CBD products made from cannabis Sativa, which are sometimes completely safe, but there have been contaminations found before that make this a needless risk when there are plenty of fine industrial hemp options to choose from. 

If possible, you should research the producer of your CBD product and see if they process other cannabis-derived products as the presence of these can increase the chance of contamination, which has been documented to happen in some supposed CBD products.

Purity and Product Quality

Finally, you should look at the product for purity and quality assurance — things to look for include where the hemp was grown. 

Colorado and Oregon have the most well-developed regulations when it comes to hemp. These regulations have helped keep them as the most-trusted producers of raw industrial hemp for processing into CBD products. 

There may also be chemical testing information on the packaging, which provides scientific assurances that the product has been lab-tested.

MG Measurement

A final detail to look for is the milligram (mg) measurement of CBD per dosage. 

This isn’t a requirement for CBD products, so it’s not subject to the same dosage restrictions as other over the counter medicines. 

A big warning sign to avoid a product is anything commercially available that offers huge health claims like preventing cancer, stopping epilepsy, or anything that makes it sound like a miracle. 

While there are CBD products currently regulated for epilepsy, these are not sold over the counter and won’t be on your store shelves as they are prescription only. 

Products selling themselves as medical cures on the shelf are breaking the law in most regions, and they are likely not to be trustworthy as far as the purity of their content.

So while CBD products themselves are completely safe when it comes to registering on a drug test, some less reputable CBD products may contain THC contaminants that can lead to a positive result on a drug test. 

Take the time to research who you’re buying from and make sure you’re safe from both poor manufacturing processes and dishonest businesses. Otherwise, it could adversely affect your athletic career.

For a reputable manufacturer of CBD products for athletes, look no further than Arcanum’s line of CBD-infused tapes, CBD salt soaks, oils, and more

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