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Glutes How to Work ’em

Developed derrieres are all the hype; not only will they help you fill out your favorite pair of jeans, but strong glutes will positively impact any activity you do and even prevent long term injury and pain. Another cool fact?  Because this muscle group is so big, engaging the glutes can result in torching some […]

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Building a Strong Immune System

“Immune system” is a term that sounds simple.  It is not.  The immune system fights infections, diseases, bacteria, viruses, illness, germs, and parasites.   Even more interesting, on occasion the immune system fights the healthy workings of the body by incorrectly identifying a healthy biological process as something that needs to be attacked.  This is called […]

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Sleep Aids: The Good, The Bad, and The Scary

Get a Good Night’s Rest During this unprecedented time of quarantine, we want to remind everyone about one of the most important things a human can do: SLEEP! Due to drastic changes in lifestyle, a lot of factors which contribute to a great night of sleep are being challenged. This email contains some great sleep […]

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FREE SHIPPING On Orders Over $40

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